Empowering Kids to Become Creators

Fun, hands-on, and interactive S.T.E.A.M classes for kids

PionCreator Is Inspiring Kids To Become Creator

Our classes are centered around helping your child become a creator. We teach children on the topics they are passionate about and inspire them to create and achieve in areas they love! We offer classes most typical schools don't cover, so you can give your child pursue topics that are interesting to them.

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״PionCreator is a great class for kids enhance their creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, questioning, analytical, and decision making through game-based learning and project-based learning.״

Regina P.


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Children interact not only with their teacher, but also get the chance to socialize and work with other students.


We use project-based lessons to develop imagination, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and growth mindset.


Classes will have no more than 5 kids. We keep the classes small, so each child receives individualized support.


All of our teachers are highly qualified experts in their field of study. But more important, they are fun and engaging!


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