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Animation In Motion


Certification Awarded Upon Completion

June 27, 2022 - July 20, 2022 (4 Weeks)

Monday & Thursday (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST)

8 Classes (2 Classes per week)

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Jack Harrison

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Computer Laptop/Desktop/Tablet




Course Module

Course Outcome

Stop motion animation could enrich cross-curricular links since all subjects can come into play with stop motion animation such as art, literacy, numeracy, history, geography, design and technology, and so on! It creates engaging opportunities for students to be active learners as they explain complex concepts or topics, and the stop motion style makes it easier to understand events and concepts by breaking them down into smaller pieces. For example, In the Social Studies classroom, students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action. In the Math classroom, students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem. Stop motion is fantastic for kids as it’s an opportunity to learn skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and creative thinking.


Backgrounds and Equipment

I understand what stop motion animation is. I know the different types of stop motion animation. I understand the history of stop motion animation. I know the tools or equipments needed when filming stop motion animation. I can differentiate the good stop motion animations from the bad ones.


Basics and Blueprints

I know the essential elements of making good stop motion animation-photo shooting, lighting, movement, frame, and background. I can create a brainstorming board to outline my story.


Features and Practices

I understand the different features and functions of the Stop Motion Animation APP. I know how to take photos, set our frames per second, and use the timer. I can edit my video with titles, images, foreground, audio. I can create a stop motion animation. I can apply stop motion animation in my school studies.

About The Course

Do you know that stop motion animation could make still objects look like they are moving? Do you know stop motion is actually the oldest style of animation on film? It uses so many different skill sets such as photographer, director, sound editor, and animator, enables meaningful learning and there is an enormous payoff when you watch everything magically come alive.

The course will offer children ownership and autonomy in the film-making process using the Stop Motion Animation App, encourage children to project and plan out where a story is heading, and foster iteration and experimentation through trying and testing. It’s a simple, hands-on technology that young children can achieve!

We will start by introducing the background knowledge of stop motion animation, including the concept and types of stop motion animation, evolution and examples of stop motion animation, and the tools we need when creating stop motion film. Then we will discuss the essential elements for making good stop motion animations. Students will learn about the number of frames, influences of transitions, the importance of background and lighting, tips of photo shootings. They will watch some interesting and creative stop motion animation clips to compare and contrast the elements used in the video.

We will show students different ideas of stop motion animation to help them generate their own film ideas. Based on what they learned, we will guide students to create a brainstorming board to spark and outline their stories. They could paste pictures or photos, add stickers, and draw things out to think visually and be creative.

Now, we will explore the Stop Motion Animation APP! We will learn how to take our photos, set our frames per second, use the timer, and other fun app features. This is also an excellent time to learn how to edit your video. For example, adding images, titles, and audio, and changing foreground and filter. We will learn about the "blue and green screen" and how to use it in your movie creations. In the end, students will complete their video and they will be encouraged to share their stop motion videos with the class.

Who Is This Course For?

The Director

Students who want to plan out and make decisions on the whole project-what to make, how to animate, and how to add additional features.

The Tech Whizz

Students who love to explore various IT skills, from using Stop motion for making animation to adding titles and sound effects.

The Photographer

Students who enjoy dealing with images-record events and tell stories using images.

Jack Harrison

Film Maker

Hello, I am teacher Jack Harrison. I have a fun, energetic, patient, encouraging personality. I believe learning can always be fun and exciting! I have taught elementary, middle school, and high school kids art and creative writing in classes including comics, claymation, stop motion, character design, drawing, painting, and a variety of art principles like line, perspective, color, composition, and more. I am passionate about teaching the transformative nature of both experiencing and expressing ideas and feelings through art and storytelling.

The Teacher


Animation In Motion

Do you know Stop-Motion is the basic form of filmmaking? Do you want to create a simple animated film? In this hands-on moviemaking course, students will work on creating a short, animated film using the Stop Motion Studio APP. Students will learn how to give life-like movements to their toys and other objects, add voice-over and graphic edits to their films. We will walk the students through creation in a step-by-step process, teach them how to use the basic functions, such as creating sets and scenery, crafting items, using frames or green screen, of the filming program Stop Motion Studio Pro, and guide them to create storytelling with a plot structure in stop motion film making. The class will include different types of challenging and interactive activities, contributing to equipping them with better creativity.

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5 - 7 Students

5 - 8

Via Zoom Video

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