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DIY 3D Animation with Blender


Certification Awarded Upon Completion

July 7, 2022 - August 4, 2022 (5 Weeks)

Thursday & Friday (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST)

9 Classes (2 Classes per week)

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Jack Harrison

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Computer Laptop/Desktop/Tablet




Course Module

Course Outcome

When kids Learn 3D Modeling Online using Blender, they develop stronger spatial thinking. This is a skill that is central to the creation of 3D objects. This further stimulates growth and development in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, popularly known as the STEM disciplines. This course could open up a new and promising career path for children. More industries now need 3D designers for projects ranging from 3D graphic design to 3D animation. The demand for 3D designers is expected to continue growing into the future as it will evolve. The 3D design is an essential precursor to the present widely adopted technique of 3D printing.


Navigations and Fundamentals

I know how to navigate the blender interface. I know the different features of Blender including moving in the viewport, understanding transformations, manipulating objects, and viewport shading types.


Modelings and Animations

I understand the Whole 3D Pipeline: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering. I know how to Model my own 3D Model. I can generate 3D Animations based on the 12 Principles of Animation. I can utilize all the Simulation and Particle systems of Blender in a comprehensive way. I understand Rendering Concepts Such as Lights & Positioning of Lights. I know how to utilize both Blender render Engines (CYCLES & EEVEE) to their fullest potential.


Add-ons and Extensions

I know how to properly generate UV maps on top of geometry to apply textures. I understand the use of materials in both render engines and how to create them using nodes. I can tackle challenging lighting situations and learn how to solve rendering and lighting problems. I understand all the different types of 3D Textures in the industry and their application. I understand the Rigging Process.

About The Course

Have you ever wanted to become an animator and bring your imagination to life? This course has been developed for your children in order to empower them with the skills and encouragement required to create elegant 3D models using the popular Blender tool, a free and open-source 3D creation suite.

Learning 3D modeling stimulates creativity and pushes children to the limits of their creative boundaries, and helps them enhance their motor control and technical skills. Children get the opportunity to explore new paths that may fuel their interest and passion!

We will kick it off with learning the VERY basics of Blender. How to navigate around the scene, manipulate objects such as adding objects and duplicating and selecting objects, understand transformations and collections, understand the 3D cursor, and everything you need to know to be comfortable in Blender! We will brainstorm and show students different options of characters, and encourage them to sketch the character out!

It’s time to discuss 3D modeling! Students will learn different concepts of 3D modeling including normal vectors, loop cuts, subdivide surfaces, proportional editing, snap tools, extrude faces. They will learn all the modeling tools, like parenting tools, joining and separating objects, etc…Through a prepared template, students will practice modeling skills with creating a geometry guy!

We will move forward to learn about 3D animation! Students will discover concepts of frames per second, 12 principles of animations, and curves of animation. With a graphic editing exercise, students will practice the principles they learned. Also, students will explore the physics simulations. We will guide the students to make a bowling simulation with rigid bodies, and wrecking ball simulations!

We will continue introducing rigging and armature to students such as adding bones, forward kinematics and weights, inverse kinematics and custom shapes, and so on. Now we will talk about 3D rendering, lighting, textures, UV mapping, and materials. Students will learn the concept of cycles such as viewport shading, samples, title size, types of lights, and render denoising. They will also discover concepts of UV mapping and texturing including grid textures and material preview, UV unwraps and reset, and smart UV projection. At the end of the class, students will be capable of creating their own animation characters.

Who Is This Course For?

The Animator

Students who enjoy using special computer programs or software to build 2D and 3D images for multimedia platforms.

The 3D Designer

Students who love to create three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects.

The Illustrator

Students who like to create art in the form of drawings or paintings.

Jack Harrison

3D Animation Artist

My name is Jack Harrison and I am a 3D artist, teaching and working with 3D graphics for the last 8 years and helping thousands to also master the art of 3D! I am an expert in Computer Graphics, that ranges from Physics Engines Programming, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Arts, and Rendering. I have a passion for art, for teaching and helping students to not only learn but have a fun experience while doing so. Blender 3D program is my drug of choice and I love it. I've been passionate about art my whole life and look to instill that passion in my students through my teachings!

The Teacher


DIY 3D Animation with Blender

What do Star Wars, Lord of Rings, and Shrek have in common? They all unleash the power of 3D modeling and animation. Let your children unleash their inner Da Vinci or Michelangelo with this amazing class! In this innovative course, students will design, model, and texture their own 3D character! Students will get familiar with the interface and basic controls in Blender. They will learn to transform primitive 3D objects, polygon modeling, simple and advanced mesh editing and modifiers, and basic rendering, material application, and lighting concepts. We will finish the course by building, lighting, and rendering a full 3D scene! Learning 3D modeling stimulates creativity, pushes children to the limits of their creative boundaries, and helps children enhance their motor control and technical skills.

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5 - 7 Students

8 - 12

Via Zoom Video

Minutes per Session

years old