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Scratch & Code


Certification Awarded Upon Completion

July 6, 2022 - August 19, 2022 (7 Weeks)

Wednesday & Friday (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST)

14 Classes (2 Classes per week)

USD per learner



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Justin Halimi

Supplies List

Computer Laptop/Desktop/Tablet

Scratch Programming Account



Course Module

Course Outcome

In classrooms around the world, students are creating Scratch projects that demonstrate and deepen their understanding of key ideas across the curriculum, ranging from language arts and history to science and mathematics. Students are creating dynamic reports on books they have read and topics they have researched. In science classes, they are designing animated illustrations of processes, such as cell division, mold growth, and the water cycle. In math classes, they are coding interactive games that use mathematical concepts and skills, such as estimating, multiplying, and graphing. In English and other languages, students are using Scratch to make their own animated poems, interactive stories, and vocabulary games!


Introductions and Basics

I know how to create an account in Scratch. I know how to use different features in the design window of Scratch including block instructions, backpack, and so on. I know how to add a backdrop to a project in Scratch. I know how to add a sprite to a project in Scratch.


Coding Concepts and Logics

I know how to use mouse events and keyboard events. I know how to spawn different objects in Scratch. I can change the values of event blocks in Scratch to suit my needs. I can use the 'if then' blocks successfully in Scratch, including adding condition blocks. I know how to use the 'if/then/else' block correctly in Scratch. I know what a variable is and when to use a variable in my code. I can create a variable in Scratch. I know how to randomize different items in different positions.


Applications and Developments

I know how to customize characters and create backgrounds in Scratch. I know how to create my own project in Scratch. I know how to start running a project in Scratch.

About The Course

If your child loves games, apps, and animations, then scratch coding might be perfect for them. Scratch is a visual programming language that lets children create a wide range of projects, including interactive stories, games, animations, and much more. With our small group, project-based learning, interactive setting, and inquiry-based instruction style, teachers will lead kids through an enlightening process of creating, critical thinking, problem-solving, and mastering computational thinking skills.

We will start by guiding students on signing up for a Scratch account and discovering the design window of Scratch such as block instructions (events, motion, look, control, etc…), backpack, stage area, backdrop area, sprite, and so on. Students will learn different concepts with different skills to create 10 simple games including Simple Shooter, Coin Collector, Space Invaders, Wall, and Spike Dodger game, and so on. The basic skills they would learn are how to rotate objects and spawn enemy objects, how to create variables for scoring, timer, and velocity, and how to create custom functions, and so on. The 10 games are built on with each other, so the students will learn different skills in every new project based on the previous one.

We will move forward to develop intermediate games, for example, Snake Games, Color Switch, Pong Games. A new project is created in every session. We will build fun games and stories. The students will learn higher skills such as spawning a color ball, randomizing items' positions, creating a scoreboard for different players, and so on.

Now we will build advanced games together! The focus is on making connections across the learnings while layering additional challenges in coding, problem-solving, and creativity. We will be building a variety of fun 3D games-inspired projects, such as 3D Maze and 360 Platforms. They will learn amazing skills such as creating collisions where the player can interact, creating a level as a 3D level, creating a trampoline to make the player jump, etc…They are challenged to be creative and solve tough problems while learning deeper computer science concepts. After creating each level of the given games, students can choose their themes and customize their characters based on personal interests to create their own games in different levels-Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level. Through all of the projects, students will learn coding and CS fundamentals while building games they can play and share with friends!

Who Is This Course For?


Students who want to write in programming languages to command a computer to perform specific tasks.

Logic thinker

Students who love to analyze a situation and come up with a sensible solution.


Students who enjoy gathering, interpreting, and using complex data to develop actionable steps.

Justin Halimi

Computer Programming Instructor

Hello, I am an enthusiastic Designer and Gamer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design. I am excited to share my passion for Game Design and Programming with your children. My experience using numerous programs to create video games spans over 10 years. Video games are a fun experience that can be enjoyed at any age. Programming is my favorite way to inspire creativity, because you can design an exciting experience that can be shared. I add to the fun of video games by teaching your children how to use code to create them. I am looking forward to inspiring your children in their interest with game design.

The Teacher


Scratch & Code

Do you know that Scratch is the world's largest coding community for children? Due to living in an increasingly digitized world, computer coding is important for kids for the future. In this hands-on fascinating course, students will discover ins and outs of Scratch, learn various skills to create different levels of games-beginner, intermediate, and advanced-including Simple Shooter, Coin Collector, Space Invaders, Wall and Spike Dodger, Snake Game, Color Switch, 3D Maze, Rhythm Game, and so on. After creating the given games, they will unfold their imagination and apply the skills they learned to create game backgrounds, customize characters, and develop their own games at different levels. All of the projects they develop will be fun and exciting, making their learning journey enjoyable.

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5 - 7 Students

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