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The Passionate Podcasters


Certification Awarded Upon Completion

July 11, 2022 - August 8, 2022 (5 Weeks)

Monday & Wednesday (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST)

9 Classes (2 Classes per week)

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Amber Bottensek

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Course Module

Course Outcome

After this course, students will be able to understand the background information of the interview. They will be able to outline the important procedures of conducting a good interview. Students will be able to discover information based on research and develop their own interview questions. They will be able to identify good interview questions and criticize bad ones. Students will be able to construct their own interviews with specialists. They will be able to make use of the communication skills, interview skills, and critical thinking skills in real-world scenarios. Students will be able to plan and compose a Podcast show with their teacher!


Ins-and-Outs of Interviews

I know what an interview is. I understand who are interviewers and who are interviewees. I know why interviews are important. I know different types of interviews. I understand how interviews are conducted. I know what equipment we need when conducting interviews. I understand the proper etiquette when conducting interviews.


Data Collections and Productions

I know how to research and read about different subjects on websites. I know different styles of interview questions. I know what makes good interview questions. I can create good and well thought out interview questions. I know how to conduct interviews with specialists.


Multimedias and Implementations

I know how to use interview skills in real life. I know how to combine interviews with other multimedia tools, like a Podcast. I can craft the storyline and report the news.

About The Course

Does your child know how to communicate using multiple media such as Podcast, Youtube, and Social Media? Do you know the youngest journalist in the world is only 10 years old? Now they can conduct interviews with specialists and publish it in Podcasts to make the world hear their voices! They will learn Podcast setting up process, proper interviews etiquette, and even get valuable feedback from audiences.

During this course, students will enhance communication skills, critical thinking skills, and research skills. This course integrates digital citizenship, media literacy, and creativity in a connective and authentic way.

We will start by brainstorming and discussing the students' background knowledge of an interview, such as the definition of interviews, the importance of interviews, different types of interviews, roles of interviews as interviewers and interviewees, and the equipment or tools used during an interview. We will introduce specialists in different fields and the students will engage in a Scavenger Hunt Game to research and pick related news or articles about the subjects. Moreover, students will learn different styles of questions, the techniques of making good interview questions, and dynamics between interviewers and interviewees. We will show students videos of interview examples, have them analyze the good and bad parts of each video, and discuss the improvements that could be done in each interview. Through conducting a mock interview with their teacher, students will apply to create good interview questions and reach their end goal with those questions.

Now it’s the time to start your real interview! We will have the creative specialists give a short introduction to their field, their awesome experiences, and the amazing works they created. After the introduction, students will have opportunities to interview our specialists using the questions they prepared before and record the interviews. Furthermore, we will show students examples of young journalists to give them inspiration and motivation. They will learn the reasons interview skills are useful and how to apply the skills in real-life situations. The amazing part is that students can learn how to combine their interviews with multimedia delivery platforms, like a Podcast! We will guide the students step by step until our first Podcast is published.

Who Is This Course For?

The Communicator

Students who love to express themselves clearly and confidently in all aspects and areas of their lives.

The Digital Citizens

Students who enjoy creating and using media, information, and ideas through technology.

The Critical Thinker

Students who can understand information, analyze, compare, contrast, and make inferences.

Amber Bottensek

Interview Specialist

Hello, My name is Amber Bottensek. I love creating engaging classes to share my passion with my students. One of my favorite classes I have taught was Living On Your Own where I developed a curriculum to teach my students what to expect during an interview and how to conduct a proper interview. I look forward to working with the students and guiding them through real interviews with some amazing creative specialists. Podcasts are the new age media for learning the news, listening to stories, hearing interviews, and much more. I love listening to many podcasts in all different genres and I will guide my students to create their own podcast as a class.

The Teacher


The Passionate Podcasters

Does your child ask you a million questions? Do you know that every child is a natural investigator? In this class, students will learn the importance of interviews, different types of interviews, and roles of interviews as interviewers and interviewees. They will be introduced to 4 creative specialists working in different fields. We will guide students in research, develop appropriate and interesting interview questions, and understand the proper interview etiquette. We will invite the creative specialists to the class for the students to practice their interview skills. Also, students will have the opportunities to analyze the work of young journalists around the world, and real-life applications of the skills learned in class. In the end, students will upload and publish their interview recordings to a Podcast as a podcaster!

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5 - 7 Students

8 - 12

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