5 Benefits of Using an Online Teacher

Updated: May 11

Parents are met with many choices about their child’s education. While some choices may be obvious at first glance, preparing a child’s extracurricular activities is not always one of them. Many parents choose extracurricular lessons, or lessons outside the typical classroom instruction, to help round out their child’s education. Even here there are many more options such as whether to use in-person or remote instruction. Extracurricular lessons create a great opportunity for your child to learn new skills and develop their passions, but with a number of excellent teachers out there, how do you know if it’s better to choose online or face-to-face instruction?

At PionCreator, we have an experienced online faculty prepared to encourage our students’ curiosity and creativity. In addition to the talents of our talented faculty, here are five benefits of online instruction for your child’s extracurricular studies.

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1. Online classes are convenient

Your child can enjoy the flexibility of taking classes and completing assignments from anywhere, whether your family is at home or on a trip. Some students feel more comfortable taking classes online, away from the pressure and distractions of other students. For these kids, a quiet room and a device with zoom make the best learning spaces. Not having to worry about transportation to and from a class adds to the convenience and frees up a lot of time for kids, parents, and teachers alike.

For more information, check out our previous post, What Are the Benefits of Taking Online Classes for Kids?, about the convenience and flexibility of online classes.

2. Low teacher-to-student ratio

Teacher-to-student ratio is the way class size is measured. The lower ratio means there are fewer students in the class compared to the number of teachers than typical class sizes. To be precise, at PionCreator, our teacher-to-student ratio is 1-7, which means our classes typically have one teacher and seven or fewer students.

Large class sizes can make an environment stressful and distracting for students. It is also more difficult to get individual attention from the teacher when there are so many students. At PionCreator, we keep our class sizes low so that your kids will get plenty of 1-on-1 attention and personalized learning.

Smaller class sizes also make it easier for students to spend time with each other, making it easier for them to spend time with their peers and make friends with similar interests. Kids can even get a chance to learn skills from each other.

3. Meet interesting people

During your child’s classes, they will meet instructors and other kids from other places and with different backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to make connections for kids who are homeschooled or live in small communities without a lot of chances to meet new people. Any student can benefit from meeting new people online through exposure to new ideas.

If your child joins one of our free online learning pods, they will be able to spend even more time with the kids they meet through PionCreator. Learning pods provide a great opportunity for students to socialize with like-minded kids.

4. Raises your child's technology literacy

Technology literacy is a term used to describe a person’s ability to use and communicate through technology. These skills are becoming increasingly important as we continue to develop technology to use in daily life, as well as for many hobbies and careers. Some parents may struggle to know how to teach their children about computers and technology. One way is to enroll your child in a class with an online teacher.

The best way to build technology literacy is through practice, and your child would receive plenty of that during PionCreator’s zoom classes, as well as their ability to chat with fellow students, and use different features in the online class to make the class more fun and engaging. Learning how to interact with others online is an important part of life, and PionCreator creates a safe environment for practicing those communication skills.

Not only do students learn about technology by using it, but many of our classes cover STEAM topics, like coding, robotics, and animation. Learning these skills will give your child a great start in a lifelong passion for creating using technology. Visit our full course list to find out which courses would interest your child!

5. Let your child study niche topics

Before the Internet, finding teachers to study some topics was difficult. If a school didn’t offer a class on a subject or a child was homeschooled, their parents would need to find a private tutor. Unfortunately, private tutors can be expensive and hard to find.

With online lessons, it has become possible to indulge a child’s curiosity on these niche topics. Is your child curious about becoming a YouTuber or web developer? Does your kid want to be an engineer or a programmer? Now it’s possible for you to enroll them in classes to explore their passions and hobbies.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our lessons work, check out one of our free trial classes. In these half-hour classes, you will learn more about PionCreator and about the curriculum we use for the class you’re interested in.

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