How to Set Up an Area for your Kid’s Online Class

You may be wondering, why do online courses make sense for my child? Online classes make a wonderful supplement to other types of schooling. In a previous post we discussed the five benefits of having an online teacher: convenience, low student-to-teacher ratios, meeting interesting people, raising your child’s technology literacy, and letting your child study their niche interests.

Find a Comfortable Space

The best space may be different in different households. While some families find having a child work from their bedroom where they can be alone would be better, others find the dining room table is more convenient because there’s plenty of space.

Keep in mind that you will need a computer or tablet for the class to broadcast from. If your student uses a desktop computer, it might be necessary to complete the class from in front of the computer, especially if your home doesn’t have high speed wifi and you need a broadband connection.

Otherwise, you may need a stand or desk for the device your child is using. If they plan on using a laptop, consider using a lap desk or a TV tray.

Remove Distractions

It’s best to avoid anything that will distract from children’s online learning. Although our teachers shine at educating, kids can’t soak it in unless they pay attention.

Removing as much background noise from the surrounding area as possible will help kids focus. That means turning down the volume on music or television in the next room, and asking people sharing the space to talk in whispers.

Some parents may also want to remove toys from the area, as young children may be prone to wander off to play even if the lesson is interesting. However, some children (and even adults) find fidget toys a useful aid in paying attention, so use what works best for your children.

Provide Supplies

Part of set up for online classes is knowing what supplies your child will need. The website for children’s learning you’re using should provide you with a list of supplies. Checking supplies on PionCreator is easy! Just choose your course from our full course list and follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the button to explore the class details.

  2. Scroll down to the buttons under the class details and click “Supplies.”

  3. There will be a short list of recommendations for supplies for your child.

Each course is unique so it may require some different supplies, but some items that may help with children’s online learning include the following:

  • A device to watch lessons on - Your child will need a computer or tablet to watch lessons on. They may also prefer to have a desk or lapdesk for their comfort.

  • Headphones - These can help a child focus, especially if you have noise canceling headphones that can reduce distractions.

  • Notebook or binder - Paper for notes and ideas will help your child keep track of what they’re learning as well as make notes for ideas on their own future creations.

  • Writing utensils - Plenty of extra writing utensils is important in case a pen runs out of ink or a pencil breaks. Some students also like having multiple color options so they can color code their notes.


An online class for kids helps provide them instruction and the tools they need, but a well set up work area will help inspire them to create. You might decorate your child’s work area with good examples of their own art to help remind them of their past successes.

Adding a vision board to the wall would also help kids keep in touch with their goals, but even something as simple as a sticky note from their parents wishing them luck would be a great motivator.

A calendar and clock can also be a great tool to help kids remember when their classes and appointments will be.

Sign into your PionCreator Account on a Computer or Tablet

Now that you have the surrounding area set up to be distraction free, you can set up a device for your kid to use. Go to the PionCreator website to login and click “My Courses'' at the menu on the top of the page.

If you haven’t signed up for any classes yet, PionCreator is a website for children's learning that offers the most individualized attention to students to help them grow into young creators. You can browse through our full course list to see what classes would fit your child’s interests and schedule.

We also offer free, live, online trial classes to give kids and parents a chance to meet the teacher and touch on some of the ideas the class will explore. Sign up here to take a trial class.

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