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Kids as Creators: Ryan Kaji

Kid Creator Ryan Kaji makes upwards of 29 million dollars yearly from views and ads on his videos. The creativity and popularity of children demonstrates that this field is not limited to adults.

Is your kid creative and charismatic? PionCreator is a virtual educational platform that provides unique learning experiences to help students thrive outside the dimensions of a typical school.

Offering a variety of courses for students aged 5-15, PionCreator takes the idea of kids as creators to the next level. Read on to learn more about Ryan Kaji and his multi-platform success, and how your child can embark on the journey to becoming a creator too!

Ryan Kaji: A Success Story

When Ryan was just three years old, his parents created his now-famous YouTube channel. To start, his channel was titled Ryan's Toy Reviews and included videos of Ryan unboxing, demoing, and providing his feedback on various toys. Since its origin, Ryan's videos have received over 48 million views.

Ryan Kaji's success has grown immensely over the years, and now the 10-year-old has branched into many different avenues to showcase his creativity and success. His YouTube channel titled "Ryan's World", brings in $2 million a month in advertisements. His Instagram account now has a following of over 152,000 people.

The success of Ryan Kaji's empire doesn't stop with social media. He partnered with popular video game Roblox, starred in his own Nickelodeon show Mystery Play Date, and even became a published author.

Kids as Creators

What started as a simple concept of a child reviewing new toys has grown into a multi-million-dollar success story. Ryan Kaji is proof that creativity and passion are paths that can lead your child to happiness and success.

It is important to acknowledge the emergence of "kid influencers" and their ability to shape social media and creative content. His channel demonstrated the mesmerizing effect that simple, yet exciting videos can have on children.

The channel's success shows that authentic experiences are interesting to kids. Any child can immerse themselves in the world of hands-on learning and creating just like Ryan!

The Benefits of Kid Content Creators

Creative expression and freedom are some of the most impactful experiences for children's minds. Following their passion and entering a world of their own allows their mind to expand and grow.

Not only does it foster important skills like critical thinking and problem solving, but it can also help them express feelings and process their emotions. The sooner they are able to explore these avenues, the more impactful it will be for their development.

There are a multitude of benefits to creative arts in play. The movement of kids as creators allows kids to make authentic choices and demonstrate independence. Activities that were once just for play can become passionate hobbies.

Everleigh and Ava

There are many ways in which kids can share their creativity and imagination with the world. Much like Ryan Kaji, popular YouTube and Instagram fashion creators, Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley, went viral just 8 months after their parents created an account to share their matching outfits.

Their success led to modeling in a Kardashian Kids campaign. Now both girls have their own accounts and have found success sponsoring toys, dancing, and creating online skits. There are limitless ways to showcase your child's many artistic and creative hobbies.

Limitless Opportunities

There are so many ways that kids as creators can showcase their out-of-the-box thinking. The following are various examples of types of creators students can be.


STEAM stands for the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students who are drawn to hands-on activities like creating new tools or exploring experiments may be drawn to this type of experience.


Podcasting is not just for adults! Many popular podcasts showcase kids interviewing, acting, and analyzing the world around them. Student voices are increasingly important in today's world.


Coding helps kids with critical thinking and problem-solving. Students who love working with technology and exploring creative ways to communicate will thrive in this field.


Storytelling comes in many forms with increasingly innovative ways to share them. Children can engage in acting, writing, or even creating short films to bring their imagination to life. They can create characters and explore topics that are important to their lives.


Children can take their artistic passion to the next level using animation programs and techniques. Not only are art activities beneficial to child brain development, but also to fine motor skills.


Kids can now take their love for playing games and use it to pursue other creative paths. There are opportunities to create your own games and characters or build a YouTube channel like popular kid streamer EthanGamer.

Digital Design

Digital design helps kids cultivate skills that are applicable to real life. Similar to animation, students can learn how to transform their artistic ability on the screen to create something brand new using tools like Canva.

Lifelong Skills

Within the last several years, the world of education has seen a huge push towards project-based learning (PBL). This type of learning encourages student choice and high levels of engagement. In other words, kids will want to learn more than they ever have.

Courses at PionCreator take the idea of PBL and completely bring it to life in an easy and engaging online forum. Students will be exposed to a variety of important skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking that can be applied to real-world situations.

Ready to Explore

PionCreator offers hands-on courses with the sole purpose of allowing kids to create something of their own to share with the world.

With inspiration from creators like Ryan Kaji, kids as creators will be able to cultivate new skills that can turn into lifelong passions. Lifelong learning for your child is just one click away!

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